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If you've even enjoyed an evening around a campfire, alone in quiet solitude, gazing into the flames and setting your mind free, you know the total relaxation this brings. If you've ever encircled a campfire with a group of friends and carried it long into the night with stories, fun, and laughter, you know the great times you can share. If you've ever helped your child cook a marshmallow, hot dog, s'more, or mountain pie over an open fire, you know the closeness of family this creates. If you've ever shared a romantic evening around the fire, you know that can't be beat. If you know any of these things then you know why we created the FireSmith.


The FireSmith was created and is manufactured in the U.S.A. by skilled craftsmen who are proud to produce a genuine product that gives back much more than it costs. The intangible value of the FireSmith is more appreciated each time you enjoy it.